Friday, January 20, 2006

Gotta Go Gotta Go Gotta Go RIGHT NOW!
Have you ever felt like you were just going to blow? You felt it building and you try to reign yourself in, but for whatever reason your blood pressure continues to rise, the hairs on the back of your neck stand at attention, you might get a growing knot in your stomach. I’ll use the example of a small child. A precious, darling of a child. You adore this kid, and you do all that you can to protect her but of course you have to trust that others will realize the worth of this prized human being, and tenderly nurture her as you have. You send her to a school, you aren’t crazy about the school but with the wonderful system we have in place, as usual, the money isn’t attached to the person, it is attached to the institution, you send your kid to this school. You hear rumblings of improprieties. You try to investigate but can’t seem to get anywhere. And then you turn the corner to her classroom and you’re in your worse freaking nightmare. Your precious angel of a child being subtly groped and fondled by a sleazy teacher. At what point do you react? Do you run to those involved to get the paperwork started to get rid of this guy? Do you run to a phone and call 911 so the police and come and the creep can shmooze his way out of any charges? Or do you run and do what you have to do to protect your child? The child is this country and its democracy. We have a molester in charge of this country who has sent thousands of our kids to their death in an illegal war, illegally spied on American citizens, run smear campaigns on anyone who speaks out, put incompetent buddies in charge of vital services, lobbyists in charge of the agencies that regulate the very companies for which they advocate, stripped environmental protections to beyond bare bones, has put corporate greed above the needs of the citizens, destroyed our economy and our reputation.
There are times when you say, no more. Yes, the republicans won and have the power. But guess what? 52% of the people in this country believe that Bush should be impeached! 52%! Last time a percentage was used, I believe it was 51%, it was called a mandate. So what is 52%? A direct freakin’ order? Over and over again we heard it said – mandate! mandate! mandate! all over the news. What was the percentage of people that wanted Clinton impeached? 36%? Yet silence from the media on the issue of impeachment. No amount of head bobbing, arrogant dismissal of facts, minimizing of ethical violations or deflection of attention will ever, ever justify blatant law breaking.
It is time for the democrats, the progressives of our nation to say, we pander no more. The people are with us. Their voices are stifled and under-represented, but we can hear them. We now have this thing called “the internet” where thousands upon thousands of independent citizens are connecting the dots, revealing information that is otherwise 86’d by the corporate media, and beating the drum. Alito is a frightening guy. He is the Ted Bundy of the justice pool. Why do you always hear “gosh he was such a quiet guy. Never really had any issue with him at all. Always pleasant. Sure. He was a good neighbor” after some deviant has killed a crapload of people and buried them in his cellar? Because we all know that the evil depicted during our formative years – the ugly, warted, wicked looking person – is not the one to be feared. It’s the guy that you pass every day. It’s the bus driver. The little league coach. They are the ones that fly under the radar. But this Alito guy, he has a record of ruling a certain way. Regardless of how upset his dear wife gets, no matter how harmless he appears, this guy should not be on the Supreme Court.
Simply because the republicans won, does not mean that they can thumb their noses at the majority of people in this country who say –whoa! Wait a minute! I voted you in because you said you are a Christian! You talked about integrity and character! You were going to do the right thing! Well, I hate to tell you folks, but the stuff that republicans do might not be as exciting as Clinton but believe me, it is far more dangerous. You don’t care about spying? Waiting until it affects you or yours, right? Until you go, innocently, to a meeting of an organization that has been infiltrated and your name goes on a list. When the books you read, that your family reads, are scrutinized. When the websites you go to are tracked. When the FBI goes into your house without your knowledge and checks through your stuff. Then it’ll matter. Then you’ll care. The thing is, how do you know it hasn’t already started? Are you that squeaky clean? Or have you fooled yourself into believing the whole “innocent until proven guilty” hymn will be sung for you, because it won’t. Ask any of the number of people who are being held without charge.
I am done. Literally. I am done with all this nonsense and posturing. The people in this country are getting fed up with the lies, the cover-ups, the attempts to distract, and the blatant in-your-face deconstruction of our constitution. How ridiculous is it that the focus is on the whistleblower that revealed what the NSA was doing instead of the illegal acts themselves? How pathetic is it that Abramoff money is being sent to charities as if that somehow rids it of the filth and stench attached to it? How feeble this administration is! That’s the truth about bullies. They are a bunch of hair-twirling mama’s boys that just want to try to look big when they know that they are the weakest of the lot. So, again, I’m done. I don’t want to hear any more from the other side. I am tired of the patent classism and racism spewing from the most vocal of the right. And could the psychosis involved in pointing the finger at Clinton with every fresh, new charge at this administration be any more incomprehensible? I am fed up with the continuous denials of wrongdoing – there are provisions in place for when we are at war and when we are not. You cannot flagrantly disregard procedures and rules under the false guise of national security. You bonehead! You have secret courts to approve this stuff! You have the congress on your side! You have everyone in you flippin’ pocket, and you by-pass because, why? You choose not to read the rules that apply to you? Your team won but, buddy, you blew it. A mandate is a mandate, time to clean house.


Lorraine said...

I admit that I'm probably more optimistic then reality sometimes warrants but I do feel the drumbeat of change out there. People are waking up. Now, I live in a blue city in a blue county in a blue state but even all the like-minded folks around here seem to be revving up to take back the country. Man, it is going to be soooooooo interesting to see how all this plays out. Hope democracy survives the process!

AJ said...

Kudos to you Penny for the courage to post something like this in the great state of Texas.
I am however, a bit more pessimistic, not believing that Bush & Co. have any plans for leaving power in the near future.
Even in 3 years.
Remember his comment on dictatorships?

Floyd said...

What a rant from "the great state of Texas,giv'em hell cowgirl. In the few short years they have been in charge of this country it has been one disaster after another,and today I read that the radicals have voted to confirm Alito. They all end up voting the same to the radical right,how they hope to put women of this country back to the dark ages. Because these court justices are there till they retire from the position,it is a position for life actually,we should have a job so secure as this one,they have really stacked the court in their favor with this appointee. With the voting set this year we can take back liberty for this country,I would hope that America can see how things are going,the media has become a puppet of the state.